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AUTHORS: Stephanie Heuser, Managing Director
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Communication strategy 02

How do you get from the analysis to the campaign idea? In Step 2 we outline how insights can be fleshed out to become a key strategic concept – the springboard to creative development.

We analyze in depth the way our target group acts, thinks, and feels so that we can understand what moves them. We screen the competition and shine a new light on the company itself. This then forms the basis for the key strategic concept.

From sweet spot ...


When examining all the insights, we concentrate on the interface: where does the problem affecting the target group coincide with a possible credible solution from our brand? This forms the focus of a strong campaign idea. Our strategy team networks insights from four clearly defined fields of analysis to derive the promise of usefulness and value: the value proposition.






... to key concept

At this point, strategic expertise is needed to separate out the goals: which fields of analysis carry more weight? The key strategic concept brings the different aspects together and is consolidated in a single, succinct phrase. The concept will only provide a robust foundation for a strong campaign if it offers a clear picture from the point of view of each field of analysis.





Creative brief


After the pressure test, the key concept is translated into an inspiring story: the creative brief is the key employed by creative teams to unlock the door to a whole new world – for surprising and unexpected concepts that bring the reorientation of the brand to life.







An in-depth strategy is the basis for an effective and differentiating campaign. Creative planning focuses on strong insights gained from the analysis and the key strategic concept leads to great ideas. These can and may be bold, even in health communication.

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