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AUTHORS: Christoph Witte, Founder and Managing Director
Stephanie Heuser, Managing Director

Protect. Donate. Help.

PINK CARROTS develops fundraising campaign for LINDA pharmacies

With an emotional key visual, LINDA Apotheken raised awareness among their customers for a charity fundraising campaign through sales of their FFP2 masks. The creative development and implementation of the campaign were masterminded by PINK CARROTS.



“Protect. Donate. Help.” – this was the slogan used by LINDA Apotheken for the charity fundraising campaign linked to sales of their FFP2 masks. Participating pharmacies donated the proceeds from the mask sales to Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e. V., Germany’s umbrella organization for children’s hospices. “During the coronavirus pandemic, many people, and very ill children in particular, need extra help”, explains Vanessa Tscholl, Head of Marketing & Communication at LINDA AG. “That’s why we wanted to link the sales of FFP2 masks with raising awareness for a good cause.” Customers who bought or cashed in vouchers for FFP2 masks in the pharmacies before 30 April were made aware of the fundraising campaign via a poster and various online measures. Further information could be found at

“The fundraising campaign combined the sales of FFP2 masks with support for children and their families, who need every bit of help during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why the key visual – the cuddly bunny wearing a mask – brought these two worlds together”, says Anja Bendner, Senior Account Director at PINK CARROTS and, together with Inna Kovaleva, Account Manager, responsible for the budget. “In this way we were able to raise awareness in the pharmacies and online of the important work done by the children’s hospices.” In the creative team, Susanne Graf, Creative Lead at PINK CARROTS, alongside Harald Schumacher, Senior Art Director, and Isabel Klempa, Senior Copywriter + Concept, were chiefly responsible for the LINDA fundraising campaign.

The Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e. V. provides support for terminally ill children and their families. It runs various inpatient and outpatient children’s hospice facilities in Germany. It is not the first time that LINDA Apotheken has supported this charity, which depends on financial and material donations: last year, an emotional link to the children’s hospices in the LINDA Christmas campaign was instrumental in raising awareness of the important work of the charity among the end customers of this quality brand. Here, too, PINK CARROTS developed the creative concept and the associated POS marketing actions.



LINDA Apotheken is a quality-focused consortium of independent pharmacies, which use the communications benefits of the LINDA Apotheken umbrella brand in their dialogue with the public and their customers. LINDA is the most well-known umbrella brand of premium independent pharmacies in Germany and a market leader in its segment.1 LINDA Apotheken offers the best advice2 and exceptional service quality3. The strong brand image, the best consumer-oriented marketing support and the leading category management were confirmed for LINDA in the Coop Studies of 2019 and 2020.4 The umbrella brand also leads the field in innovation and was given “Special Mention” for its forward-looking project “greenLINDA”.5 The consortium of pharmacies is noted for its customer proximity and superb customer confidence. The HANDELSBLATT awarded LINDA Apotheken 1st place in the industry comparison “Germany’s best retailer” 2020.6 In the German Customer Award 2019, LINDA impressed the jury with its “Outstanding customer satisfaction”.8 Its 1st place in the App Award 2020 proves that LINDA Apotheken is also very well-positioned in the digital field.9 LINDA AG owns the umbrella pharmacy brand LINDA Apotheken. It campaigns for a forward-looking positioning of independent, owner-managed pharmacies, with a particular emphasis on independence and autonomy. LINDA AG is headquartered in Cologne.

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Frankfurt am Main, 02/11/2021

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