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AUTHORS: Christoph Witte, Founder and Managing Director
Stephanie Heuser, Managing Director

PINK CARROTS creates awareness campaign for
Pierre Fabre

With unfinished women’s names, the awareness campaign for Pierre Fabre targeted at healthcare professionals draws attention to the fact that something might be “missing” at the supposed end of breast cancer therapy: Patients with a certain type of mammary carcinoma* could benefit from an extended adjuvant therapy** – but in gynecological oncology this option is not yet established as a standard. This is where Pierre Fabre comes in with its product and the respective communication campaign created by PINK CARROTS.

In the therapy of early breast cancer, the chance of healing is the main focus. A therapeutic option that potentially further minimizes the risk of cancer recurrence is not always considered by many healthcare professionals. However, the consequences of recurrence can be dramatic for patients. Pierre Fabre wants to close this gap in breast cancer therapy with its product. At the same time, the company aims to raise awareness in the healthcare community for extended adjuvant therapy as an additional treatment option.

“The campaign is based on the insight that patients want to come to terms with their disease after a curative breast cancer therapy. In some cases, however, this is only possible after all (therapeutic) options have been exploited.”, explains Stephanie Heuser, Managing Director at PINK CARROTS. “The ‘unfinished’ women’s names stand for therapy progressions and show: the treatment is only complete after you have done everything to avoid cancer recurrence.”, explains Dr. Rüdiger Schneider, Brand Manager Oncology at Pierre Fabre Pharma GmbH. The PINK CARROTS team around Maren Fürböter, Account Director, rolled out the campaign visuals in ads for professional audiences, a mailing series as well as postcards for oncologists and oncologic gynecologists. “The creative concept idea as well as the bold execution resonated well with physicians”, says Rüdiger Schneider.

* co-positive or triple-positive mammary carcinoma

** extended complementary treatment to reduce the risk of recurrence


Frankfurt am Main, 10/14/2021

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