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AUTHORS: Stephanie Heuser, Managing Director
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Communication strategy 03

How do you turn a key strategic concept into a campaign? This third part shines a light on the creative process and communication planning along the customer journey.

Experienced strategists use the creative brief to pave the way for their creative team to develop exciting campaign ideas. A well-planned creative process is “where the magic happens”, and ultimately delivers two or three creative routes.

From personas ...


Once these routes have been scrutinized to ensure they fit with the strategy, they are examined from various perspectives. The rollout itself is decided according to tactical campaign goals and budgetary considerations. Even before discussing formats, channels and media, various personas are developed: archetypal users reflect the needs and the media usage behavior of our target groups – for sound and accurate planning.






... to the journey

Next stop: the customer journey – as our personas negotiate various touchpoints with the campaign/brand/company resulting in the desired call to action. We develop the tactical plan across digital and analogue channels. The engagement plan looks not just at who but also where the communication will have its biggest impact. With dynamic campaigns that require a wide variety of motifs and the corresponding frequency of contact, certain social media channels may well prove particularly significant.








The greatest efficiency can be achieved by including qualitative and quantitative points of view in the channel mix and taking them into account in tactical planning. While the Return on Investment (ROI) is a useful benchmark figure in the consumer sector, success can also be measured at a qualitative level in the RX sector.







The success factors for an effective campaign include a bold and unexpected creative idea based on a strategic foundation, needs-oriented communication along the customer journey, and a specific engagement plan. And a team that tackles the campaign development process with expertise, experience and empathy - and ideally with a refreshing new approach.

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