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AUTHORS: Stephanie Heuser, Managing Director
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Communication strategy 01

Health communication demands a clear brand positioning. An insights-based analysis is the strategic starting point for any campaign development – and fundamental to its success.

Our communications strategy is always based on an in-depth analysis: what is happening in the wider environment? What is society saying? And which trends can we identify? Our strategy team marks out this territory with specific key questions and focuses on issues in depth.
Competitive environment

An equally important focus: how are the competitors communicating – and what are the target groups saying in response? Keeping a close eye on the competitive environment makes it possible to view the market from all sides and present new ways of looking at the brand.


What strengths and weaknesses can be seen for the indication or the product? Is the company already well established or a newcomer in the field? And how credible does it appear to be? A fresh view from outside often provides valuable impulses.
Target group in context
At the heart of the analysis is an empathetic view of the target group in the overall context: what needs does it have, which of those can be met by the brand? How does the target group act,
think and feel?

Understanding needs
Special analysis tools such as social listening reinforce our deep understanding of the target group: essential for an authentic, emotional storyline and far-reaching communication along the
customer journey.


Relevant communication strategies build on strong insights regarding the target group, the competition, and the company. In this way, the realities of the market are constantly rediscovered, and brands can be positioned in a way that is sustainable, impressive, and bang up to date.

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