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AUTHORS: Stephanie Heuser, Managing Director
Claudia Wilke, Director PR & Business Development

Solution-focused workshop formats

We invite you to change your perspective by giving you an open, objective view with strategic clarity.

Workshop: What's your challenge?

You describe your starting situation, your goals, and your challenges. We listen, analyze, ask critical questions, and offer food for thought. Together we develop levers and individual solution scenarios. Key impulses for everything that lies ahead of you on your individual journey.


Workshop: Persona

How does your target group think, feel, and act? What is important to them, and what obstacles do they have to face? Together we look at things from the point of view of the target group and explore the world through their eyes.

Workshop: Customer journey

What does your target group think and feel? How do they behave on which channels? Which “magic moments” lie behind that behavior? In a team, we explore the journey taken by your target groups and define the perfect touchpoints – for targeted, needs-oriented communication.

Workshop: Content audit

Does your content correspond to your communication goals and the needs of your target group? Is it interesting – or will your target group switch off straight away? Have you chosen the right channel and message? We analyze the relevance, reach, and effectiveness of your content and create an action plan.

Workshop: Positioning 

What does the brand stand for? What does that mean for communication? We define territory, environment, and competition, reflect society and insights, and take a fresh look at target groups and needs. For a credible and clear brand profile that stands out from the rest.

Workshop: Tactical planning 

Which tactics work well and where is there room for improvement? Are your chosen channels the best way to reach your target groups? You give us an insight into your current measures, learnings, and challenges. We analyze, rethink, and come up with a new tactical plan for you.

... and how does it work?

Virtual or live: we want to ensure that you can concentrate fully on the content, so we create the optimal conditions for your workshop and get you and your team well prepared. We use various platforms and tools to provide plenty of inspiration, an efficient exchange of views and the ideal atmosphere.

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