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AUTHORS: Christoph Witte, Founder and Managing Director
Stephanie Heuser, Managing Director

THINKING HEALTH DIFFERENTLY connects people and brands

On the verge of the 30th agency anniversary, management duo Stephanie Heuser and Christoph Witte is sharpening the strategic direction of PINK CARROTS. The CEOs and their 43 employees are rethinking the subject of health based on a new understanding of health – to successfully connect people and brands in a contemporary and sustainable way. The realignment is manifested in the agency’s credo “Thinking Health Differently” and is reflected in the website relaunch of

By THINKING HEALTH DIFFERENTLY we understand health as a broad umbrella and a field full of possibilities to connect people and brands, says Stephanie Heuser, managing director at PINK CARROTS. Specifically, this means: RX/OTC brands can achieve a competitive advantage in this scenario if they take up a new role in society. They need to acknowledge themselves as brands and act accordingly, Stephanie Heuser continues. This strategic direction and our service portfolio empower us to position our customers and their brands in the market in an up-to-date and sustainable way. In doing so, the agency also considers current developments. The Covid-19 pandemic has re-defined „health“. On the one hand, health is understood in a more traditional way again – as something essential and fragile. On the other hand, we realised during the crisis that health-relevant contexts go beyond the self. I’m very happy and proud that we managed to enhance our expertise and services in these challenging times.

With bold ideas we prove that evidence and creativity are no contradiction but the best way to communicate valuable knowledge in a surprising and emotional way and to advance health topics for everyone, founder and CEO Christoph Witte, adds. Our RX/OTC clients and brands benefit from this as well as formerly non-health brands, says Christoph Witte. When it comes to health, communication solutions that stand out, stay in people’s heads and inspire rethinking are the most target-oriented.

Frankfurt am Main, 09/17/2021

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