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AUTHORS: Christoph Witte, Founder and Managing Director
Stephanie Heuser, Managing Director

Why Health?
And why Health Agency?
Two carrots, two answers.

Marc, as a natural scientist, what brings you to a healthcare agency?

Great luck, I would say. Perhaps also a calling. During my studies in biology, I was particularly fascinated by physiology, i.e. how all the body's processes work in a healthy state. And pharmacology, which shows how these processes can be influenced in the case of illness. I find that totally exciting.


As a scientist, you can go down many paths. Often it's active research. However, you quickly get lost in the details and are always busy with the same very specific topic over a long period of time. Medical writing in an agency never gets boring, because it gives me the opportunity to always learn something new and to look at the topic of health from so many perspectives. And in a colorful environment. From Lab to Life, so to speak.



Isabel, as a humanities graduate, what brings

you to the health sector?

First of all, it was a total coincidence: Because I've always loved copywriting, I wanted to work in the communications field after studying German and then I completed a trainee program at an agency for health communications. At the beginning, I didn't know what to expect, but I quickly realized that I was very interested in health topics and that I could learn something new every day. 

For creative people, the strict framework conditions of the industry are of course sometimes a big challenge, especially in Rx communication. But that's exactly what I find exciting: despite restrictive guidelines and numerous prohibitions, developing ideas and campaigns that are bold and unusual and that surprise and convince our target groups.


From your perspective, how do medical writing

and creative copywriting complement each

other at PINK CARROTS?

Isabel: My expertise lies primarily in developing concepts and then packaging them in texts that pick up our target groups. When communicating with HCPs, however, crisp headlines alone are not enough. You have to convince them with the right facts. That's why close cooperation with our medical team is extremely important. And that's where Marc comes in ...

Marc: Crisp headlines are a good keyword: they have to be right in terms of the message they convey and they also have to be verifiable. This often requires a close look at the publications of scientific studies. A long headline that is only factual and sober, however, wastes a lot of potential. In interaction, it is then possible to get to the heart of the message in a "beautiful" way and to enrich it with previously unavailable elements such as emotionality.

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